Expansion Joints Rubber Joints

Pipes are subject to expansion due to temperature and pressure differences, external movement and the weight of the pipes
themselves. If the values of forces and movements exceed acceptable thresholds, it is necessary to use expansion joints to absorb differences in thermal dilatation.
Engineers have expressed a preference for metal expansion joints because their flexibility successfully absorbs motion in different
directions, reducing operating costs (labour).
They also limit load loss and heat dispersion, a particularly important advantage when working with pipes of large diameter.
To make the most of all its functions, the expansion joint must be selected and designed correctly to suit operating conditions. Giorgi
puts the services of its technical offices at your disposal to permit accurate study and identification of the most appropriate solution.
Depending on the type of dilation to be absorbed, expansion joints are classified as:
axial - universal - angular - spherical angular - lateral - spherical lateral - axial with eliminated thrust - universal with eliminated thrust.